Welcome to Cathysbiz! MLM Warnings and SPAM issues

MLM Warnings and Spam Issues

Here are some MLM Warnings and SPAM issues that I found and wanted you to know....Plus information about email viruses.

Oh boy. Well let me say this, the old saying is, If you don't have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all. Hmmmm. But for you, I will. : ) And this would probably be a blank page.

I believe that nothing is for free in this world. You really need to put in some hard earned work to get anywhere. but MLM programs try to make you believe that their program is THE best you have seen, and that with them, you will live comfortably off the millions you will be making every week while vacationing in the Bahamas. Ummmm. yeah, right.

Unfortunately, newbies suffer the consequences daily. Falling into that hype like a giant pot hole out of no where.

Now don't get me wrong, MLM can't be all that bad, but I'm sure the percentage is against them. (But if you are steamed, or happy, he he...yep, sure you are!....visit the forum and let me know)

I've been surfing around for almost 3 years now. While that don't make me an expert, it does help me be informed. you know, been there done that. I must average about 5 hours online daily (I know...get a life). So I hope anything I say at least makes you look, and listen. Or at least hesitate and ponder.(hey...I did it for you. : )

Seriously, Does anyone believe that they are going to make $5,000-a-day ??? A wonderful thought. If you were asleep. A little investment in time is all any serious business takes, but if someone told you it was easy...well...its not. I don't mean to discourage, but Rome wasnt built in a day. And any quality business wont be either. You reap what you sow.

Some of the best advice that I, or anyone else will probably ever offer you is, investigate, learn, and read. Don't always believe what you are told. Take your time. Don't rush into any business venture that costs any money, or especially that you cannot afford to lose.

Read on my friends....let the truth be told...
Advocacy-net Read what they have to say before you sign-up!
metroactive.com another article I found to be of great interest.
Work-at-Home Schemes - Something worth reading......

Had a bad experience?? Need to vent? Visit my forum and see what others are saying!

Email virus warnings

Update! 7/25/01- Watch out!!! the Sircam virus is out and about! I received it, and so can you. It looks innocent enough, but its deadly! Never open attachments you cannot scan. Even if friends send you mail, viruses from their computer can be sent to you. ALWAYS try to scan attatchments.
Click here is a section taken from Ad Network News ~ E-Zine  #110 For more information. (Recommended Reading!)

Recently (late april 2001) I was the (almost) victim of an email virus. But Thank God that I received it in one of my hotmail accounts (well 2 of my accounts). Hotmail uses the Mcafee virus scan, which apparently works very well I might add. When I tried to open the attatchment (not the email), The Mcafee virus scan detected a virus (showing a little bomb) and told me the name of it.. From what I have read, this virus is known as a worm, which tries to go through your computer for email addresses. Another way that spammers try to get their quota I guess. What I wish for these fine individuals would scare hitler...
But anywho to make a long story short, I tried to contact hotmail, but to no avail. Never got a response. So I guess if you get a virus you must go it alone....go figure.
But the moral of the story is.....DONT EVER DOWNLOAD (or open) an attatchment from a source you do not know EVER. The virus I received showed no sender and no subject...didnt take any brainstorming on my part to figure it out. But for you, it may not be that way. There are newer viruses everyday. The one that was emailed to me would have been devestating had I downloaded it without the virus software. Makes ya think.

CC: contagious correction- Cute little email you should read.

Email virus safety precautions.- A must read for those who need info about viruses.

Stay informed. And keep me posted!


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Wow....such a small word, such a big meaning. And no...it's not lunchmeat!!
The keyword for many is to understand what SPAM is. Its bulk unsolicited (meaning you didnt ask for it) email. Its not only annoying, its destructive and costly. People don't tend to think of email in quite that way, but it is. It causes an overload on some smaller servers, causing them to get locked up. (Read some of the articles in the links I have included) Does anyone remember the bandwidth theft problem because internet users were linking to graphics on other sites and sending all the lovely forwards with 50,000 addresses about urban legends?? Its downright stupid!! And costly.

DID YOU KNOW...You are not supposed to use the opt-out (removal)?? Spamfree.org says that if you do, you may get more spam. It lets your spammers know that it is a valid email address. Sneaky eh? (Proof that reading and investigating are essential!) UPDATE! Email me...I have a program for you.

If you are interested, SPAMCOP will do the legwork for you. And you can do this free of charge. I should know, I have had my fill of turning in many spammers recently. Most having their sites shut down. OOOOPS. Tee hee. Go to their website, Spamcop.net and click on report spam. Go to the link that says "I understand and agree". this will ask you for your email address. Once confirmed. you can use their service for free. If you can afford to, their fee is only about 12.50 or so for the year. You'll see....you'll love it!! And its soooo easy.

There is a couple other sites that have some info to read they are:

spamfree.org -Articles about spam. Recommended reading

Abuse.net -They are supposed to have some spam tools and reporting tools.

Anti-SPAM campaign- Directory of SPAM fighting information and resources



Please, by all means, if I am mistaken, Please accept my humble apologies. I am also sorry if this, or any part of these pages offends anyone.
With that statement, I also would like to say:
If anyone can give me 100% proof that their MLM is Exactly what they claim I will personally endorse it 100%. ~ tee hee....

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