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I am proud to be able to share some of these tips with you. I have done lots of research on this, but please understand, search engine spiders are not all the same, and the software actually changes from time to time. These are suggestions, not the law. Try different things in different orders....you never know. The search engine spider is a tricky being. And they have yet to be fully understood. In the meantime, research, research, research my fellow work at home business people!! It's the best way to invest in your home business.

Search engines: a little history

Most of the search engines are quite different. Search engine "spiders" are nothing more than sofisticated software, all capable of different orders. Some hold keywords most important, while other spiders hold the content more valuable. Some count the amount of links into a certain site or "link popularity". Any way you slice it, its not all that easy to get to the top. But you can sure give it a good try! The best reading I could suggest would be: search engine watch. This site can help you understand the wonderful world of the "spider" (no...its not gonna be some science lesson...but close enough...just how are you at computer programming? J/K : )



Ok...wow...big subject. Deep breath in...ok..here goes. Keywords to me are probably the most important of the specifics of the search engines. Keywords go in the Keyword Meta tag in your HTML which looks like this: meta name= "keywords" content=" Your keywords". I wont go into a whole lot here...if you do not know what this is, do a little reasearch on the subject, or email me for the particulars.

Lets face it, without them, how would the search engines know how to index (list) a page? It is very important to use the right keywords. You cant put just go any words in there hoping it will draw traffic. In fact it may do the opposite. Some search engines will penalize you if your keywords are not in the content. (no joke) And another point: less can be more. I wouldnt recommend that you go to all ends of the earth trying to figure out every single word that could possibly have something to do with your site. It wont work. And besides, now, search engines like Google use your content words as keywords. So what this tells you is: Make your pages keyword rich.

Keep your keywords down to about1000 characters, or to please Yahoo, 8-15 keywords. Make sure that your most important are to the left, as search engines read left to right, like we do. Seperate them by commas(usually, but not always), keep spaces to a minimum and dont repeat any word more than 3 times, or it can be considered word spamming.(Bad, very Bad) But most suggest to repeat 3 times, but thats it. So to score points, keep it brief, and dont repeat yourself, well, too much. *TIP* Download Good Keywords for help deciding on your keywords, and to find out your site and link popularity.(Theres a free version too..) Neat little program. You can also download and install Alexa it lets you know your ranking, and tells you ohters as you surf. Also, the more you visit your own page with it, the higher your ranking will be.

Title tags

Title tags are yet another Meta tag. It displays the title of the particular page. It can be descriptive or simple. The title tag should be around 80 characters or less, but to please Yahoo, you should limit it to around 55.

Some engines use the title tag in your ranking, but not all. You should at least try to use some of your keywords in it. If you are really curious, and the kind that could be called a nerd (ahem, sorry) then you can look here, the web robots pages. If you are really serious about search engine placement, and your ranking, I do recommend some reading, otherwise, you may do better if you outsource for your webdesign.

Description tags

The last of the 3 main meta tags is the Description tag. Keep it around 255 characters for most. But once again, to please Yahoo, It should be around 150 characters.

Of course, in this tag you will want to make it keyword rich. The trick is to try to sneak as many of your front keywords in here as you can, but still make it readable. (yeah right!) It can be done, you just need a quiet room, and a good stiff drink. OOps...sorry. tee hee Seriously, a quiet place to work is essential anyway, but you are going to need a lot of concentration to pull this one off! Dont worry. It will come. I recommend that you experiment and change it to find out which will work best.

In trying to keep this page brief, and my 3 yr. old occupied. I have only skimmed the surface of the search engine scene. Read whatever you can on the subject and *tip* take notes. Buy yourself a notebook and take notes. You will thank yourself later. And me too....

If you are seriously stuck, or need some reference guidance, let me know. I have some ebooks, and lots of links. I hopefully will get into this a whole lot more soon, so check back and see what I add.

Search engines not sending traffic your way? I seriously recommend using a traffic generator. They do make a difference. You can get almost unlimited daily traffic with most programs. They work there is no doubt about it. And best of all they are FREE. It may not make you a million in sales, but it gets the word out, and it helps tremendously with certain search engines (traffic, and popularity). I have been ranking higher with Google since I started using them. I recommend it highly. See my traffic generators and the rating I give each one.

A little info: Want to know how long it takes to get indexed??

Altavista 1 - 2 weeks
Excite, Lycos 4 weeks
HotBot 2 weeks
Google 4 - 6 weeks
Infoseek, Go 6 - 8 weeks
Northern Light 2 - 4 weeks
Webcrawler 3 months

Source: NetMechanic.com


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