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Want/need Free traffic? These are for you!
(Ummmm, Maybe. Please read my update at the bottom!!)

Traffic generating programs are one of the quickest ways to get your hit counter spinning and leave you thinking "WOW this does work!!" Traffic generators can and will help get you recognition that a new site needs. Some search engines prefer a site with a good hit rate, or steady flow of traffic, and with the help of traffic generators, you can finally make that possible.

I have recently started using a few of the more popular traffic generating programs, and have been thrilled with the results. They really do work. (Sorry if this seems like hype. But to me, it was the "miracle cure" my site needed)

I have been busy experimenting with a few of the more popular traffic genterating programs. I am listing them here with a brief report of how well they did. I will tell you that all did work, but they differ in small ways. Most of these sites will also allow you to add any other sites you may have (affiliate programs too!) You will need a little extra time to make them work,(you need to surf to get credits) but if you are new, and your hit counter reads around 5, then I believe it is very important to invest the small amount of time needed. I did, and I have found that I am getting visits from people who have bookmarked the site, and there are a few search engines who have finally indexed my site! And I cannot be positive, but it does seem that I rank higher in Google now. (you can go to the adfree stats to see for yourself) It has been quite exciting. You'll see, I think you're gonna love it.

*If you have tried these or other traffic generating programs, or banner programs, etc. Please go to my Forum, and let us all know how it worked for you. Thanks!*

All of these sites do not allow adult content, but I have had the great displeasure of having to view a few adult sites that managed to slip in- or adult advertising on the site, such as banners and popups. And much to my horror ended up having to shut down my computer to regain control due to popups. So be aware, that some of these sites may pop up at any keep the kids away.So far, it only happened on 2 of the sites I I will tell you which ones I encountered.

You can download a Great little popup killer on the hit harvester login page. Some of these sites have LOTS of popups, so you may need it!

*TIP*- Hate those popups?? If you don't download the popup killer from hitharvester or my Free sites and downloads page, simply select the window on the taskbar (bottom of screen) that you wish to get rid of, and press Alt+F4. POOF! All gone!! Enjoy! : )

Guaranteed visitors to your web site! Great program! To work this program, simply surf for credit, but you must stay at least 30 seconds. (you visit one site, they send you one visitor) As you surf, you are allowed addtional credits for those who put a bonus icon on their site. If you click on the icon and win, you get get lots of extra credits.(this also encourages visitors to look around your site for these icons. You are also allowed to hold your credits, so you can deal them out as you wish. content seems to be clean.
Bad points: It seems that I stopped getting visitors for a bit. But it has picked back up. Im sure this is due to the need for new sign ups. (I believe that you are only allowed to view a site once, but maybe they are changing this) So the more who join, the more views everyone gets. Also, before viewing the next site, you must rate the site you just saw on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being best. This is fine except it seems that others do not want you to get a high score (thus getting more views, and high ranking for first views). If others were not so competetive, it would be great. So dont take the voting to heart at first. People can be cruel, as I have found out many many times...... : ( Also, there is no counter or timer to let you know when your time is up.


I love clicks- Not bad, not bad at all. Gets you great traffic. Its similar to click thru. (in fact, they seem to advertise hand in hand...) You surf for credit, on a one for one basis. The big difference is, there is a counter to automatically let you know when your 30 seconds are up. You can hold your credits for later. There is no voting, or bonus credits. However, some webmasters will offer extra credits at their site. The content seems clean.
Bad points- The visitors seemed to drop for a bit. And there is no real incentive for visitors to view all of your site.

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Hit harvester- Let say it works. Its not a bad program, but its real basic. I mean BASIC. You surf for credits 1:1. There is a time to let you know when time is up.
Bad points: There is no way to get back to your account, you cannot hold your credits, (so when you surf, the visitors start immediately) and this is one of those sites that I told you about (adult popups) But there is a popup killer on the login page....DOWNLOAD IT!! It works, but still most popups will get by it. (if one gets by...right click the big X on the taskbar, and click "add popup" then close. This will kill it next time) So beware!! But the hits are unlimited, and it is always guaranteed traffic.

Ezhits4U- Good program. Its in the same line as hit harvester. You surf for credits at 1:1. They offers some incentives for your surfing. There is a counter, and you are allowed to save your credits.
Bad points- There are no incentives for those viewing your pages. And it is the 2nd of the sites that I have had the experience of "adult content" . You can report these types of sites on the toolbar easily however.

Clicks4U- All I can say is....WOW! (Ummmm. NO. Read my message below) I get more hits from this than the others combined....But you will have to figure this one out. Im not sure how it works. There is a type of "lottery" That you guess what the ranking is for sites. When you get one right, you get a ticket with 3 numbers on it. (you get to pick the 3 numbers or have them automatically filled in) You can get up to 30 tickets. Then 3 numbers are drawn, if you get one right you get 3 credits, 2 right...50 credits (+- 100 hits...and all 3 right gets you 2000 credits. You can gather and sell these credits to others too. Its interesting. But I still need to figure it out. (I have gotten a bit of traffic) It seems like traffic is double your credits...(?)
Bad points: You have to do the lottery for credits. But you would have to surf with the other programs anyways.....
AHEM. Okay. If you have the outer covering of an alligator and the ferocity to match, then this one's for you. The other webmasters in this program will take you down and slit your throat. No credit, No Glory...they will all kill your self esteem faster than a Jackrabbit on a date...UGH. I'm out.

Clicks for hits- It stinks. NEXT! (of course, you have your own opinion, this is mine)

UPDATE 6/17/01- Wow. I'm sorry to say this, but the major reason that I am about to shut down my site is due to some of these these traffic generators. Sure they work fine, but the other webmasters that are in these programs are animals. I have gotten repeated low votes on my site, which has just completely killed all the joy that I had for this site. I pay $6.00 a month to keep this site banner free, and provide free services, and have never received any kind of payment from any programs or otherwise. And all to let these people shove my face in the mud. Be careful. They are out to slit your throat, and unless you have a good suit of armor, I'm not real sure that I would join just yet. Some of these are not for the faint-hearted. My bad experiences have been mostly with clicks4u. Its a great service, just the other webmasters suck. Click thru is another one where you really need to ignore the voting process....Of course they all want to try to make your site lower than theirs, so they vote real low for you.

Guaranteed Hits to your web site!


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