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Traffic. Simple term, but for some, not so easy to accomplish.
I started this site almost a year ago, and I have learned several ways to get traffic to your site. Today in fact, I pretty much control traffic to my sites as I please. Like many, I'm sure that your budget is not what you would want it to be, but no one likes to be a quitter, and advertising and traffic generating shouldn't make you do so. So here are the steps that I have learned. Read on.

Step one: Make sure your pages are what others would truly like to see and use. Ask friends, neighbors, anyone for an honest and fair opinion, and don't be sensitive. Chances are, you will not see what others do. But the point is to please others, not yourself.

Step two: Did you add your Meta tags? Are they polished and perfect? Well...okay, are they appropriate? Make sure your pages, and your tags are all keyword rich, meaning that whatever is the key word or words that describe your site are used heavily. Google/yahoo rely mostly on the content, so if you use your word/words heavily, you have a better chance at step three.Go here for further search engine tips

Step three: Once your meta tags are done, submit to as many of the search engines as you see fit. The more, the merrier. I have tried to make this easy with the search engines page. Which includes a list of over 117 search engines, and the top search engines. One word of caution, If you are going to submit more than just your index page, submit only 3 or so a day, and, submit only about once a month, otherwise, some search engines may accuse you of spamming. If you have used the robots.txt inclusion, a search engine will usually follow all the links from your index page, spidering as they go. However, If you notice that only your index page is listed, then you may want to go ahead and submit your other pages.

Step four: Join several of the top free traffic generators. If you join several, you can pick and choose just how much traffic you want. I have listed some, along with how they worked for me on my Free traffic generators page. I generally surf for credits with 2 at a time, each in a seperate window (internet explorer) and this way, you can accrue credits with 2 traffic programs at the same time. Build up credits every day. This way, if you ever fall short of time one day, there is always back up. (some programs do not allow you to store credits, so these you only surf for what you need that day)

Step five: Classified ads. Yes, Classified ads. They provide traffic and links, which helps for your popularity. What happens is- You place your ad with the classifieds, they submit that site to the search engines, the page is spidered with your link and you get a link from them! To find out how your site ranks, and to help with keywords, download and install Goodkeywords. It will show you what engines have links to your site, or your site popularity. Pretty cool. This also works with some FFA sites and link sites, Try it out. You can also download and install ALEXA to see how you rank. It is a toolbar that will show how well other sites do as well as you surf, and the more you visit your page, the higher your ranking will eventually be.

Misc ideas:
You can also join an opt-in mailing list from getmassivehits.com. You get to email all the members on the list once every five days for free(in the area of about 4,000 members) and they get to mail you- so make sure you get another email accout!! If you like, you can use my free email service for this. It can generate some traffic, and for the few minutes of your time to mail, it's worth it.

Another way to generate traffic is to offer information. Like I have done here. If you offer tips and information, many will come to see what you have to say. All you need to do is to announce it by means of: classified ads, ffa sites, mail programs, etc. (please make sure you understand fully what constitutes SPAM! see my MLM warnings and SPAM issues page for more info)


Well there you have some things to get you started in generating some traffic for your site. Traffic, no matter what shape or form is very important. Since I have used traffic generators, I rank quite highly with google, and I dont seem to have too much trouble getting several searches to my site. This proves the rule that search engines do use link popularity, and traffic to a site.

Good luck, and have a good one!


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