Welcome to Cathysbiz! promotion tips, search engine submission and more!

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Welcome to Cathysbiz!

Promotion tips and tools, Free classifieds, search engine listings, submissions and more!

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If you are starting your own home business, or have already established one, promotion, advertising, traffic generation, search engine issues, information and links are of the utmost importance to any business. And like most people you need all the help you can get.

At Cathysbiz we give you the important links and information, along with promotion items and free downloads to help even the smallest business get off the ground. And we speak from experience. Most of the links and promotion products you find here have been tested or used, and found favorable. We know how important it is to not waste time or money, so we have provided most of what you will need right here, and pre-qualified them for you. And most of the promotion, advertising or submission programs are FREE.

Recently, I was almost the victim of an email virus. Be informed. Go here to read more- MLM Warnings and Spam issues
UDPATE! 7/25/01 The SIRCAM Virus is out and about, Be prepared, and Be protected! MLM Warnings and Spam issues

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Are you a "newbie?" Look in the MLM warnings and SPAM issues for some needed information and what Not to do.

Need to find a place to make some great (free) webpages? You can take a look at the Free sites and download page. Where theres great sites to get lots of stuff FREE! Plus great downloads that your webpage shouldn't miss out on.
If you need some further help, you can download some great ebooks there too.(let me know if you need other titles. I will gladly see what I can do : )

Want to know what happens when you register a "Dot com"? Then you should click here. I have written a report to tell you. It's not as simple as you may think

Need a new email address? You can start your own Cathysbiz.com FREE email Account! It's got lots of great options. Check it out.

SPAM is a big issue. And not everyone knows what it is. I hope to shed some light on things for you. I am an active spam reporter. I do not let spam go unpunished in my mailbox! And neither should you. read these reports to Find out why.

Once you have a site put together, you will need help to get it promoted with Free advertising and promotion!! (for the Free sites and downloads page.) And Email me to add your link to this site!

Dont forget to get your exposure with FREE classifieds and FREE search engine submission (several automatic programs) Want to go a step further? Go here for a list of over 117 search engines (manual submission, but worth it). All these tools are great for site promotion!

Need some HTML help to build your site? Got it right here.

Learn how to generate more traffic for Free in 5 easy steps. A report I wrote.

Want a break from promotion? Read about me, this site and how I quit smoking (and you can too) on the About me and this site page. Maybe it can help you too.

I'm hoping with all the information that I can share, promotion helps, and more, I can show you how to make money on the internet, and we will soon become best of friends!
If you are interested, there is an
old Talkcity home page that you can take a look at. Feel free to sign the guestbook to let me know you were there! Serious. We live in a world thats all too unsocial. I love people and like to share what I can. And who knows, maybe you will let me know a little about yourself. (just keep it clean...; ))
There are many things to consider when starting an online inernet business, but with time and patience it can be a very rewarding experience.
Feel free to look around and come back often! I hope to have many free tools for you to use!

If you cannot find what you are looking for here, or just want an honest opinion, just send an email and I will see what I can do, or check and see if I am online and we can chat through human click (above top left).

And look for the animated check mark:promotion tip for great promotion tips and important information!

Thanks for stopping By!

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MLM warnings and SPAM issues- Take a look at these before signing up! Updated! Find out about my email virus scare, and what to do about it.

About me and this site- A few facts about me and the purpose for this site.

Search engine tips- Tips and links to know before you submit!

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(Its old, but interesting)

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